Now more than ever, business must focus on the most important drivers of revenue: gone is the luxury of measuring hundreds of “key” performance indicators. Focusing on too many things is not focusing at all.

We are entering a time of survival performance indicators.

It’s not just your industry that dictates what you focus on and what you measure – it’s also your strategy. You could be a High Tech Cost Leader and have a different set of key revenue measures than a High Tech Differentiation Strategy working on grabbing market share. There are no cookie-cutter approaches here: your path to revenue growth is unique, and what drives revenue growth for you is your competitive differentiation.

In the Business Foundation Revenue Growth Accelerator, new insights (new sources) of revenue growth – perhaps including pricing, discounting, bundling, demand gen, forecast accuracy, pipeline visibility, sales training, channel effectiveness, and lead quality – are rapidly mapped out and visually presented for your leadership and management teams to quickly and easily see what’s needed to manage through this downturn.

Within days, we can help you literally get everyone on the same sheet of paper and laser-focused on measuring and managing what matters. You’ll see who is accountable for what drivers and levers in the business and what information should be delivered to managers who have to decide day in and day out how to grow revenue.

The Business Foundation Revenue Growth Accelerator process, based on the Periodic Table of Business and our unique Business Intelligence Blueprints, is an affordable, rapid way to

We don’t profess to know more than you do about your business. We do, however, have a unique methodology that shows how to align all areas of the business to execute on your strategy and to optimize revenue growth.

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