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This short overview is more of an Executive summary that quickly uncovers the value of the Business Foundation to an organization.

The BPM Forum is an important organization that helps advance the understanding of business performance management techniques, technologies, and processes in global enterprises. The Forum brings together influential business line managers and senior executives overseeing enterprise finance, operations, and technology functions

The Center for Business Performance Management (CBPM) at The Fisher College of Business is a forum for faculty and students to interact with business practitioners who share an interest in the development and implementation of business performance management (BPM). It has long been a tradition at the College to provide and be recognized for the most advanced and timely academic and research results. As global enterprises demand more of their leaders, we feel that building BPM into the total Fisher experience will address that need. BPM is much more than consulting services wrapped around data management. Our research and vision will be comprehensive, yet straight forward. BPM is quite simply delivering, in a timely manner, accurate and manageable information to strategic analysts and managers. As with the establishment of this first ever US based center for BPM, the College strives to be recognized for our leadership in training, research and creativity.

The Value Networks Consortium (VNC) is the global network leading value network standards, taxonomies, visualization, analytics, vocabulary, methods, open tool development, benchmark datasets and techniques.

Check out this link to view a host of books and publications that have been reviewed by COO of Business Foundation, Ron Dimon.

BPM Magazine, first published in 2003, offers excellent insights into the world of BPM, it's practicioners and its users.


Check out this link to view a host of books and publications that pertain to business strategy.

Download the Business Foundation Overview

Business Foundation Overview
This overview will give you a good taste of what the Business Foundation is all about and how the process works.

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Here you'll find listed below, some of the top books, web sites, resources and publications that we recommend as further reading around the area of Enterprise Performance Management.

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