What is the Periodic Table of Business™?

Quite simply, the Business Foundation is the Periodic Table of Business™. The Periodic Table of Business™ shows 384 base or generic Performance Markers. These are arranged and placed on the Periodic Table strategically, by business function and layer in the business, or hierarchy.

The Periodic Table of Business™
is further enhanced when you discover that the Periodic 'Database' contains hundreds more Performance Markers that contain multiple attributes and details of how they interact and link across the Periodic Table itself.

You are viewing the very DNA of Business.

So What?

There is a very big so what.

The Periodic Table of Business™ is the spring-board of our methodology.

When you uncover years of research and experience in xPM™ / Performance Management and technology and transform that into the science of business, significant impact on a business can be made.

The illustration you see to the right is a representation of the Periodic Table of Business Knowledge Base, where all our Performance Markers, measures and metrics are kept, along with all their attributes. These manifest themselves onto the Broadsheets we use on a client site to document our Executive conversations. Each


The Database explore the many different attributes associated with the Performance Markers, as well as the following;


By Industry

By Hierarchical Level

... and many more.


Broadhseet is different, customized to whatever industry the client is in.

We start with your strategic objectives and then using our methodology and the Periodic Table of Business™ we pinpoint the critical Performance Markers that link to the strategy. Then we uncover the precedents, dependants, traingulation occurances and directional patterns, among other attributes, that directly correlate to the strategy.

It's all about focus and execution.

It's all about blending the art of business with the science of execution.

Explore the Periodic Table of Business

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