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Valerie Bridges
Business Foundation Corporation

SAN JOSE, Calif. November 01, 2007. Business Foundation Corporation today announced the release of it's industry focused suite of solutions, based on their patent-pending Periodic Table of Business knowledge base and methodology.

The suite, which focuses on ten key industries, (Banking, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Mining, Healthcare, Hospitality, Software, Telecommunications and Insurance), further strengthens the commitment Business Foundation has to helping companies execute against their strategic objectives using Performance Management as an enabling technology. The release of the suite means that greater focus is placed on industry-specific issues giving more effective solutions and outcomes.

"This is a significant release for us as a company," said Simon Tucker, President and CEO of Business Foundation. "This is the result and manifestation of years of research and experience in these industries, that is now available for our clients. Having deep knowledge of each industry and being able to utilize metrics, processes and drivers to greatly enhance how a company performs will have a huge impact on our clients. Simply picking a metric and placing it on a dashboard is not enough in today's dynamic business. Knowing how measuring, monitoring, and planning that metric will help execute company strategy is a business imperative. Our Periodic Table of Business contains industry knowledge on hundreds of metrics that include attributes such as volatility, materiality, and more."

"All strategy is industry specific", said Ron Dimon, EVP Strategic Consulting & COO at Business Foundation. "Having this next-level of detail in our methodology only makes it more useful for helping companies build their extended Performance Management vision and road map. It lets us hit the ground running when we discover what the true drivers of value are in an organization, how they interrelate, and how they should guide process and technology road maps.

About Business Foundation Corporation
The Business Foundation is an Enterprise Performance Management and technology consulting company with extensive industry knowledge in the areas of Performance Management. Using its patent-pending tool, methodology and Periodic Table of Business knowledge base the company helps Executives execute on the strategic promises they make to stakeholders using the right people, processes and technologies.

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