Business Alignment & Optimization
Every business department and employee should be involved in the process, which means greater coordination across the business. All levels of the business hierarchy must also be involved to ensure depth of visibility in the business. The process, distribution and the organization of what the business needs to do is complex. But how can the complexity of this be articulated and simplified?

The answer lies in the Business Foundation. This highly effective tool allows Executives and key business managers alike to gain common understanding and direction in the business. It's highly interactive approach lends itself to optimal collaboration and discussion. The result is a documented strategic solution that the client and solution provider can partner to provide.

It will articulate a phased approach that ensures success for many years to come.

The Business Foundation© is a dynamic process that provides a means of clarifying roles & responsibilities, expectations and performance metrics for all the members of a Foundation System. As the map is completed, each person and group has a deeper understanding of the expectations and desired outcomes of the other. Clear agreements and commitments are made, making it much easier to manage them and produce the intended results. The principle here is that people easily commit to that which they have helped design.

The Foundation concentrates on both internal and external partnering, including: Producing repeatable, reliable, predictable results from internal and external partnering efforts Increasing cooperation, collaboration and total customer experience Saving time and money by getting to SLA's (service level agreements) and deliverables faster and by developing a deeper understanding of what is required to fulfill on expectations Minimizing surprises - each partner knows what is expected and how results will be measured.

This is accomplished by:

Methodology and Approach
Our methodology and facilitation approach include the following characteristics: A proven track record of significantly improved results A credible approach, based on research The program is tailored for the companyÍs products/ services and market conditions Dynamic consulting and facilitation with relevant, real-world experience.

What is the Business Foundation?

The Business Foundation© is a patent-pending methodology that allows organizations to identify and focus on key drivers that support their strategic initiatives or goals. It starts with several 2 feet by 3 feet sheets of paper where we introduce you to the basic structure of a business and how things inter-connect.

But that's just the start.

As we document your strategic objectives and the conversation we have with you around the people, processes and technologies you'll need to enable you to actually execute upon your strategy, we're quickly building a 'road map' that will guide you to success.

Operating 'In the Weeds' all too often organizations only focus on tactical areas of their operations that in many cases have very little or nothing to do with the execution of their strategic goals.

The Business Foundation© takes the organization on a 'journey' that allows them to discover the true drivers of their strategic objectives and find the relationships across and down the business. Businesses must set corporate objectives & strategies, model them and see the effect on the business. They need to deploy to a wide base of information contributors or consumers, monitor the execution of those goals and analyze the results, not only to spot anomalies but to quickly exploit areas of opportunity for the business and then report results and forecasts to an external audience.

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